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Emergent Media Group website redesign

December 31, 2007 by Ben Robinson

Version 2 of the Emergent Media Group website.
the previous design
It's the close of business for the last day of 2007 and the newly-redesigned website for Emergent Media Group has just been launched. The last redesign (pictured to the right) was launched about 11 months ago. This redesign uses TYPOlight for the management of content and features a completely new design for the portfolio.

This site is probably the simplest design that we've published. Throughout the design process, we were heavily influenced by the mantra of: Perfection is achieved when there is nothing more that can be taken away. In keeping with this, all superfluous imagery was removed and the portfolio was completely retooled. Here's a screencast showing the differences between the old and new portfolio designs.

Watching this video requires the Adobe Flash viewer.

Take a look at the portfolio in action.
Let us know what you think of the new site!

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Comment by Logan | 01/07/2008
I really love what you've done this time. Your skill is evident. Great work.

A new design for a new year!
Comment by thyon | 01/08/2008
Ben, really stunning! My old flash website used this type of navigation. I abandoned it as I just assumed it was too complex for mootools to handle. Well, you've obviously proved me wrong there.

I'll look more into mootools animations for future client work.

Well done!
Comment by Fabster | 01/08/2008
Hi Ben,

Great job you did there!

I was wondering what will happen when you have more projects than the width of the page design would allow thumbnails? I hope you understand what I mean.
Comment by Louise Bessette | 01/08/2008
Easy to maneuver site with straight forward information that looks clean and smart. A visual and graphic winner!
Comment by Eric Regan | 01/08/2008
Hello Ben.

I was beginning to wonder when you would update your site. Obviously it was well worth the wait. You have raised the bar again and I can only hope to be inspired to reach such heights some day.

Keep up the good work!
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