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Website launch: Whitaker Oil Company

February 02, 2009 by Ben Robinson

Whitaker Oil CompanyEd Steinman, Executive Vice President of Whitaker Oil Company, approached us to create a website that they could easily manage the content. We create a new design and implemented the TYPOlight content management system, which allows them to make timely content updates. The website has many elements to it, including:
  • standard content pages
  • a searchable catalog of their chemical and composite products
  • a document library
  • an employee directory
  • company news
  • and an employee intranet
The product catalog allows website visitors to search based on keywords as well as sort and filter by the selected criteria. This allows customers to quickly find the product or category they would like to research. Selecting a specific product yields a full detail page which also suggests related products that will be of interest to the customer.

The employee intranet is a rights-managed section of the website that grants employees access to internal company news, calendars for events and employee birthdays, and a more extensive view of the product catalog and document library.

Visit the new Whitaker Oil Company website at

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