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03/27/09 (0 comments)

Website launch: Dobiecki Film Productions

A unique take on a single-page portfolio design has been launched for film director and cinematographer, Marc Dobiecki.

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02/02/09 (0 comments)

Website launch: Whitaker Oil Company

The Whitaker Oil Company gets an new website design, complete with a product catalog, online document library, company directory and employee intranet.

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12/15/08 (0 comments)

Site launch: Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine

A completely redesigned website has just been launched for the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine.

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10/01/08 (0 comments)

We are now an official TYPOlight Partner

Due to our extensive use and implementation of the TYPOlight webCMS, we have become one of the few official partners in the United States.

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07/07/08 (1 comments)

The Mable House website has launched!

We have launched a redesigned website for the Mable House Complex, including the amphitheatre, arts center and historic house.

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06/01/08 (0 comments)

Our office has moved ... again.

Just like the headline says, our offices have moved. The updated address is ...

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03/17/08 (0 comments)

Helping Couples Grow has Launched!

A new website for Miriam Bellamy, a psychologist and marriage counselor in Atlanta, has been launched.

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01/11/08 (2 comments)

Where not to register your domain!

If you enter your top secret domain name at Network Solutions, but don't register it on the spot, you may be in for quite a surprise.

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12/31/07 (5 comments)

Emergent Media Group website redesign

For the new year, we thought it was time for a fresh look and feel. Introducing version 3 of the Emergent Media Group website ... now simpler than ever!

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12/28/07 (0 comments)

Visual Outdoor Advertising redesign started

The existing website for Visual Outdoor Advertising is about to be redesigned to increase visual appeal and functionality.

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12/27/07 (0 comments)

Emergent Media Group moves to a new location

We have moved to a new location, not so far from where we were.

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