our services.

The Internet is our back yard. And because we know it so well, our clients can depend on us to do just about anything they want. We provide seven essential services to achieve the look and functionality you desire, all geared to enhance
and communicate your business. Improving that ever-commanding bottom
line is a natural result.
web & print design
First impressions really do make a difference - they set the stage for everything that follows. When a user comes to a home page that’s well designed and intuitively functional, it creates an impression that says, "These people are professionals. They know what’s going on."

The look and feel of our clients’ websites is the domain of our graphic and web designers – it’s where they shine. Their talents and expertise result in websites that are clean, elegant and that inspire trust, no matter the product or service. And they work wonders for our clients.
cms implementation
One of the greatest advantages of having Emergent Media Group create your website is that we implement content management systems (CMS). Simply put, a CMS allows you to update your website at no added expense. That means you can create new pages, modify or add to the copy and upload images. This keeps your website timely and adds to its appeal to customers. Best of all, a CMS enables you to maintain your own site, which saves you time and money.
e-commerce implementation
If you’ve ever considered using the Internet as a way to market your product, now’s the time to do it. That’s because the systems we use can manage all aspects of this exciting marketing resource for you. And we mean all aspects! We create your website, then take the product photos and descriptions you supply and place them on the site, uploading the software to a web server. We then establish encryption to protect information (i.e. credit card numbers) and set up payment processing. And you’re in business, with the potential to reach a limitless Internet audience.
web application consulting
No matter what size your business is, there are certain areas that need organizing so that things run smoothly for you. This is where our different web applications become very desirable. We can help you with critical areas that include project management, billing, customer relations and groupware systems. What may have seemed like a challenge to you before now becomes an easy victory. It’s just another example of how we can help make life easier for you.
Words communicate. They have the power to influence. So the way in which words are used contributes toward the success of your website. Like design, words need to be chosen for their effectiveness and need to inform in as interesting a way as possible. As with our designers, we engage copywriters who capture the essence of a client’s message, then communicate it in a succinct and memorable way.
e-mail marketing
Suppose you want to reach a larger audience but don’t have the budget for a direct mail marketing campaign. You would be the perfect candidate for e-mail marketing. This is a great, cost-effective means to communicate your message. The systems Emergent Media Group uses can manage all aspects of your e-mail marketing campaign, from collecting e-mail addresses to creating, sending and archiving messages to displaying mailing list statistics.
web hosting
A web host is a company that provides space on a server that gives you Internet connectivity. But you don’t have to be concerned with the ins and outs of web hosting. All you have to know is us. We'll point you in the right direction.